5 Tips to Perfectly Fit Your Banner Ads in Your Blog

To maintain the comfort of your blog visitors as well as to avoid big bounce rate in your blog, you should minimize the use of banner advertisements in your blog. Why? That’s because those banners can potentially clutter your blog and give negative impression for your visitors. However, it doesn’t mean that you should never use banner ads to earn money from your blog. You just need to organize your banners. Here are 5 tips to perfectly fit your banner ads in your blog:

1. Suit your banner with your blog design

One important rule is to avoid putting flashy banners in your blog. What is flashy banner? It essentially means banner that is not harmonious with your blog design. In other words, it doesn’t look right in your blog. It has colors that are very contrast to your blog design. If you put this type of banner, it is certain that your blog will look amateurish and annoying. That’s why it is necessary for you to consider putting banners that suit with your blog design.

2. Avoid putting your banner in content area

People are visiting your blog because they want to read your content. It is important to be understood that people don’t want to be disturbed when they read your content. People want to get inspiration from your information. If you put your banner in content area, then it will make your content less enjoyable to read by your visitors. Also, banners inside the content area tend to be distracting and make your visitors feel uncomfortable with your blog.

3. Place it in the left sidebar

Left sidebar is the place where you should put your banners because it is considered a hot spot for your blog. It means that your visitors’ initial attention toward your blog will be poured toward the left area of your blog. It means that it is a good idea to use blog layout with left sidebar because your banner will be more visible for your visitors in this way. If you can make your banner visible to them, then you will be able to boost your CTR for your banner.

4. Don’t put too many banners on your blog

Banner organization is important in your blog. You need to limit the banners that you put on your blog simply because you can’t let your readers to get distracted with your banners. Also, too many banners can’t help your blog aesthetically because they can only ruin your blog design. No matter how good your blog design, too many banners will only make it look bad.

5. Focus on above the fold area

You want people to see and click your banner, right? If so, you shouldn’t waste your blog space for banners that people won’t see or click. The only place that can potentially help you to boost your banner’s CTR is in above the fold area. It means that people should be able to see your banners without scrolling your blog. Any banners that you put below this point will only waste your precious blog space.

Banner ads can either be a distraction or good decoration for your blog. Those are some tips you can follow to make your banner fit perfectly in your blog.

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