5 Types of Banner Ads that Will Attract Your Blog Visitors to Click

When you put banner ads in your blog, people will either be attracted to it or not. If your banner is interesting enough, you might have good CTR and your banner might be responsible for the sales of your affiliate product. But, if you have uninteresting banner, then no matter how much traffic you have in your blog, it isn’t going to generate any sales at all. Do you want to attract your blog visitors to click your banner? Here are 5 types of banner ads that will attract your blog visitors to click:

1. Simple headline and interesting image

A simple headline coupled with interesting image will trigger immediate response from your audience. This is a good combination of a winning banner ad. For instance, a banner with an image of a work-at-home mom with headline “Earn $1000 per month NOW!” will likely attract your blog visitors to click that banner.

2. Animated and inviting banner

An animated banner is more attractive than static banner. But, you have to keep in mind that overly animated banner might be counter-productive for your promotion. Animated banner should offer interesting animation as well as interesting deals. You will have to use high quality graphic as well as good deals to accompany it. For instance, you can create an animated banner like this:

Layer 1: Get one of these exclusive items
Layer 2: FOR FREE
Layer 3: Find out how!

3. Deals and discounts

People like to visit the malls when there are many deals and discounts available. Yes, people will become more willing to spend if there are good deals and discounts for them to grab. That’s why banner that contains deals and discounts will attract big attention from your audience. For instance, you can write something like this in your banner: “Get our product at 50% off the regular price! Use this coupon XYZ-234-AS.” Isn’t it interesting to read?

4. Fun and humor banner ad

Believe it or not, people respond to funny ads better than boring ads. So, whenever possible, you can make your banner advertisement look funny by inserting good humor in it. Ideally, the humor should be related with the product that you promote or it should be related with your blog. Also, it is better for you to put good cartoon image in your banner if you intend to make it funny and interesting. People will giggle when they look at your banner ad and when they are happy they will tend to take action more quickly.

5. Banner with mind-provoking question

Question will always make your mind to think. If you ask the right question to your audience, they will respond accordingly. Ask mind-provoking question related to their problem. In this way, your audience will try to find an answer for that question. How will they find the answer? They will find the answer by clicking your banner ad. So, make sure that your landing page contains an answer for the question you asked in your banner advertisement. For example: “Are you sure that you can do SEO alone without hiring professionals?”

Those are some types of banner ads that will attract your blog visitors to click. Sure, people say that banner ads are no longer an effective means of advertisement. Yes, it is true. But, it is true only if you can’t create interesting banner ads that guarantee clicks. When you put those types of banner ads in your blog, you’ll have improved CTR and better result with your promotion.

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