7 Big Reasons Why You Must Never Use Free Website Template

If you’re going to build a reliable online business, then you have to make sure that your website is generating good income. In order for your website to generate good income, you need to generate consistent traffic to it. Traffic will keep coming to your website if you can keep your visitors’ interest toward your website. One important thing that will boost visitors’ interest is your website template. Here are 7 big reasons why you must never use free website template:

1. Lots of people are using your template

When you’re using a free template for your website, know that there are thousands of websites that are using the same free template as yours. What does it mean? It means that your website is no longer unique, although you have unique content.

2. Hidden spam links

Most free website templates contain hidden links in the footer. They have a rule that you must not remove the links inside the footer if you want to use the template. Unfortunately, most of the links are hidden spam links that point to unrelated websites with low quality content.

3. Changing your free template requires time

The time required to modify your free template will be the same as the time required for you to create a new website design from scratch. If you have good knowledge about web programming, then you should understand about it. It is better for you to create a new website from scratch or hire a web designer than modifying free template to suit your need.

4. It’s difficult to suit your ideal web design idea

Most of the free templates out there have almost similar design. You will have a difficulty in finding the template that will suit your ideal web design idea. Even if you can find it, you will need to modify that template significantly. Most of the time, it will only waste your time and effort because in the end, you can’t really turn that template into your ideal template.

5. You don’t have any technical support

If you buy a paid template, you will have good technical support from the developer. It’s the same when you hire a website designer. You will at least have the opportunity to request several revisions for your web design. However, when you use free website template, you will get no technical support from the template maker.

6. Search engines don’t like free templates

Since most available free of charge website templates have hidden links in the footer, search engines will consider those links to be spam links. First, it’s because they are unrelated with your website content. Second, it’s because the linked websites have low quality content, which will affect the value of your website in the search engines as well.

7. Cheap and unprofessional design

Lastly, when you use free template, people will consider your website to be cheap and unprofessional. This will give your website bad reputation and low credibility. As a result, you can’t expect healthy amount of traffic coming to your website because people don’t want to stick with your website for a long time.

Those are the big reasons why you must never use free website template. It is always better for you to use professional template for your website if you really want to build a successful online business.

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