Forget Google Search Traffic

Recently Google has changed its algorithms over and over and caused a lot of websites to go bust. But SEO experts are still telling us what to do for Google to like our sites.

But let’s face the music : Google is a private company out to maximize its profit, and the entire search algorithm is decided by an executive who sits on top of a bunch of engineers. Moreover there are execs much higher up deciding the company policy.

No they don’t have to do rational policies either – they are after policies that maximize their profit. Not to mention that what is rational for them, may not be rational for you and world wide web at large.

Case in point – how Google still tries to force people to use their real names in Google Plus, despite statistics and online polls show that no one likes it. Leave that aside, they are now pushing real name policy AND Google Plus through Youtube.

The excuse for this is that using real names would improve comment quality. Even Google’s own internal statistics and other experiments show that real names usage don’t improve comment quality. But that is irrelevant – somewhere in Google’s hierarchy, some execs decided to do that.

They wouldn’t do something like that for search ?

Well, why did they go back on the entire advice which they have been giving all these years on how to build links then ? Their own website, their own blogs, their own experts. All the advice and guidelines they have been giving for all those years have gone to bust with a decision taken in Google’s executive hierarchy, overnight.

Panda and Penguin updates have totally killed entire framework search engine optimization was built on until they came around – Pagerank. The logic for doing this was explained as it was being abused in SEO. It was true. For a moment it may appear that it is a rational reason. But, is it something that justifies scrapping an entire framework on which Google has guided people and businesses to build upon it ? And this dramatically and decidedly ? It’s not reducing of the importance of pagerank, it’s not introducing some additional algorithm. Pagerank has become almost meaningless overnight.

Countless businesses went bust because they built their business relying on Google search traffic, countless websites slid into obscurity because they were relying on Google to publish their content. Along with those who abused the system, everyone went down the hole.

If you look around, you may still see SEO companies acting on behalf of affected clients mailing around to websites and asking them to remove this or that link back to their client. They are still trying to recover from the Google algorithm changes, more than one year later.

Or imagine that you were a software company, selling a web application which had a link back to your site like “Powered by”. Or a web designer who kept putting a “Designed by” link back to his own website, on the sites he designed. Pretty normal practice back then, pretty normal practice STILL. However now all of those backlinks are reducing the seo standing of their sites. Why ? Because the client domains do not have enough authority’.

So the new criteria is “Getting backlinks from authority domains”. Who is an authority domain/website and who is not, is decided exactly according to the logic that is developed by a group of engineers under an exec in Google, of course.

Let’s face it. How many ‘authority’ sites there can be for any given language segment of internet ? Say ten thousand at best. So now you are to go about trying to acquire ‘quality backlinks’ from those websites. And spending effort and money in the process. The definition of ‘quality’ backlink being totally dependent on what those at Google think, of course. You are left to do guesswork – just like how legions of SEO experts are doing since last year.

Then 1-2 years down the road, the team at Google will change, or a new exec will come, and everything will change again. All the effort you have spent for getting on good graces of Google by acquiring ‘quality backlinks from authority domains’, will change with one decision of the team or its executive. Or something from up above. They may change the definition of what constitutes ‘quality’ in backlinks, they may change the definition of what constitutes an ‘authority’ website. Even the dominant criteria may totally change.

Aaand – booom.

Your business, your website you built relying on Google search traffic goes bust. All you are left with ends up being an appeal process in which you try to appeal to a few employees charged with appeals in Google, or spending more money and more effort to undo all the effort you have done until then, AND then complying with their new criteria.

That’s what happens to your business if you rely on an external private company which has NO obligation to you and the internet community at large.

Let’s face it: relying on such a source for your business or website is not only suicidal, but also utterly foolish.

You may be thinking that “Hey, i’ll get good traffic, and then sell if Google changes its algorithm”. Think again : Markets like, Digitalpoint forum are filled with such websites and businesses whose owners are trying to sell them, and they aren’t worth a dime now. There is no way you can guess what Google is cooking, how will it affect your site/business and succeed in selling your business or website in short notice. And isn’t having a reliable, ongoing business/website which you can just keep developing without any fears better in the first place ?

Then, there you have it : Don’t rely on Google Search Traffic. Actually, forget Google search traffic.

So, what are you going to do, now that you don’t rely on Google traffic ? Check out our guide below :

Alternative traffic sources to Google search

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