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    So you got the PHPValley Micro Jobs Script for free (great) and you have your domain name, you have your idea and even installed and set it up and ready to go. All set.

    Now, how to make your site successful ? Did you ever think about it ? Well, you should. Here are some tips :

    1 – A plan is the most important

    A plan is the most fundamental thing to a site’s success. Be it a business, be it a community, be it a non profit endeavor. You must come up with a function which the site will be doing – if you just copy and repeat what other sites are doing, you may not be successful. What will your site do ? What service will it give users ? Is it a niche service ? Is it too common ? Is what site does, easy to understand ? If there is going to be monetization, is the logic sound ? What are you going to charge, and when ?

    A site’s plan may be like “Making local painters and customers in Paris/New York/Madrid find each other an act as a brokerage”. Or it may be something like “Making seo submission people and seo customers meet”. You may get a cut from the jobs done, or you may make it totally free and go for earning money from ads. Or, you may use the site to promote another business or site you have. You must think about the costs too – for example, if you choose to make customers buy jobs over your site and therefore take the money and then give the money to the seller, there WILL be a small percentage charge the payment provider ( default paypal ) is going to charge you. So, you must include this cost in your calculations in case you choose not to get a cut. Small things like that may become important as site grows – and its harder to fix them after the site is bigger.

    2 – Marketing

    That is the second most important thing and its something which easily makes or breaks sites.

    So, you got your site, you got your plan, and now what ? How are the users going to find your site ? Does anyone even know your site ? You are going to just submit it to Google and wait ? Well, that wont work. There are millions like you. Lets see what you can do :

    – Submit your site to any search engine you can find. Use free submission tools on the internet. Still, this will not bring anyone to your site to make it float – because there are millions of people doing the same thing – setting up sites and waiting traffic. But regardless, you must do this.

    – Do search engine optimization. Find tutorials from internet (there are many) and do optimization on your site. Micro Jobs Script is quite optimized for seo as much as it can be, so there is little need for you to do anything on that. But you may go for acquiring backlinks from respectable sites. High PR sites, high domain authority sites are good for getting backlinks. If you dont know what these terms mean, google them.

    Do not go submitting your site to article directories. google penalizes them. Do not get random links from random sites, or use a seo company/person to spam links to internet on your behalf – youll get penalized due to low quality.

    – Post about your site in relevant forums’ relevant sections. There are many communities with ‘buy/sell’ or ‘services’ sections in their forums. You can post about your site in these places if you are allowed. There may be requirements for posting in these sections, so follow them. Dont spam, dont violate rules of these forums.

    – Find a way to advertise your site. You can buy advertisements (banners, text links, paid posts in forums etc) from other small sites. These work well because small sites are like you – small sites, and therefore what they would ask for showing your ad is small amounts. Dont go using an ad service like Google Adwords, because its highly expensive and recently quite ineffective. Small forums, small websites work well. But calculate your advertising expense well – the advertising money spent should bring results enough to justify the cost. Keep track of what ad you buy from what site, for how long and how much. You may want to buy the same ad from same place later.

    – Make it beneficial for your users to promote your site. You may create incentives for your users to promote your site. If users self-promote your site, word will get out easier.

    – Set up a forum/community for your users. A forum can be a place where users can talk, participate and create a community around your site. You can use free and full featured forum software like phpBB. In the long run, this may create its own traffic.

    Additional Resources :

    Carl Brook’s guides for creating Micro Jobs Websites

    So much for now. If you have any tips of your own, please feel free to post them here.


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