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    Install Instructions.

    Please follow the instructions below and you should not encounter any issues with the install of your new site.

    [1] Go to your hosting control panel and create a database and make a note of the password, username and db name.

    [2] Unzip the download package and if you are installing in a subfolder open the’.htacces’ file with PLAIN text editor and find these 2 lines


    ErrorDocument 500 /inv.php

    and after the slash (/) write the name of your subfolder (WITH a slash at the end)like so:

    ErrorDocument 500 /foldername/inv.php

    then upload the files to your host

    [3] CHMOD the ‘connect.php’ file to 777 to allow the installer to write to it.

    [4] Navigate to and fill in the database details you noted in step [1] click ‘Install Now’

    [5] If all went well the installer will take you to a page to fill in your website domain details, fill those in and click ‘Submit’

    [6] Hopefully you should get a success message saying your site is installed successfully

    [7] If the install was successful you should now delete the install directory and CHMOD ‘connect.php’ back to 644

    [8] You should now login to your admin panel at default Username is admin Password is admin (You should change these to something more secure.)

    [9] Change the site settings to your required details

    Facebook & Twitter Setup

    Navigate to THIS PAGE. You need to be logged into facebook first.

    Give your app a name and click the ‘agree’ radio button, then click ‘Create Application’

    This should bring you to a page with an Application ID, Public key and a Secret key. Copy the Public Key and secret Key details and paste them into your website admin panel in the appropriate places.

    ** If you just see a blank white page after you create your application click HERE then locate and click on your app name in the left hand column, then select ‘Edit Application Profile’.

    Now in the left panel of this page click on ‘Canvas’ in the first field ‘Canvas Page URL’ put the name of your application, next row ‘Canvas Callback URL’ put the full url where you installed the site.

    Click ‘Save Changes’. Please note these steps are only for the ‘Connect with Facebook’ feature it does not create a facebook application as such, although if you have experience with php coding and facebook application setup

    you could create one quite easily.

    Navigate to the front page of your site and click ‘Connect with Facebook’ in the Right hand login box and allow facebook to connect with your site.

    That is the facebook integration hopefully set up.

    Now go to and create a twitter account for your site then copy the last part of your twitter name i:e, just the ‘phpvalley’ part

    and paste it into the ‘Twitter Username’ section in your sitesettings admin panel. This links the twitter ‘follow us’ button to twitter.

    Now go to and click on the ‘Register a new application’ link

    Fill in the correct details in the register form, Please note, In the ‘callback URL’ box you need to link to ‘confirm.php’ like this i:e

    This should then bring you to a page with your application details, copy the ‘consumer key’ and ‘consumer secret key’ make a note of these.

    Now go to then go to “your apps” click the “Edit Details” link for your application, In the right panel click “Application Detail” then click “My Access Token” and copy the “Access Token” and “Access Token Secret”

    and paste them in the appropriate place in your site admin panel along with the consumer keys you noted down earlier.

    This should see your site fully set up and ready to go, if you have any issues contact me at and i will help you out. Please report any bugs you may find to the same email address so i can fix them.



    Also, we should make a tutorial about how the script works.

    From the buyer view and the seller view 🙂


    Someone else needs to handle that. i have a lot in my plate to shove that in.



    How to sell
    Add your offer

    Share your services on social networks.

    You will be noticed on email when someone will buy your services.

    After you send profs that you did the job, you will receive the money on your account.

    Spend your money



    How to buy

    Find something that you like

    Pay by PayPal

    Receive service/script

    send feedback

    smile, you did a great business



    hi, how to insert widgets inside sidebar?who can help me to solve this problem?



    How to delete the install directory? Anyone,pls help…




    please can you tell me how to install slovenian language?



    I need help to install slovenian language.

    can someone help me?



    The admin log in does not work.



    I can’t find this line:

    ErrorDocument 500 /inv.php



    What should I put in: Database Host ??



    Found it, local host, but installation still not working.



    1st Admin log-in worked fine, after that nothing. Have tried re-installing several times; same thing each time. Tried changing Admin name and password – nothing.



    need help i have a problem with verifying email as site does not send automatic verification email . how i can resolve this problem .. please help me. my site is

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