How to Be Persuasive in Your Blog without Becoming Master Copywriter

Let me tell you one important thing that will help you to increase your blog traffic and revenue–persuasion. Yes, you have to be able to persuade your readers to stick with your blog and follow your recommendation. This is necessary. But, don’t think that persuasion is a difficult thing to do in your blog. You can persuade your audience naturally. In fact, you don’t need to be a master copywriter in order to be persuasive. Well, you can persuade your audience if you know a lot about copywriting, but this is not necessary. Here are 5 tips to be persuasive in your blog without becoming master copywriter:

1. Write your blog post with your own style

If you are not born a writer, perhaps you will think that blogging is not an easy thing to do. Writing for your blog will become difficult and you can’t flow freely in your writing. However, you can still make your blog writing interesting even though you’ve never wrote a single article before. Just write like you talk. Try to record your voice in the most natural way. Then observe it. Try to do the same thing in your writing. When you write your blog post with your own style, you will be able to express your thoughts more effectively. In this way, people will be more interested to read what you write.

2. Explain your points in an interesting way

Blogging is a way for you to transmit your thoughts into writing and share it with your readers. In your writing, you will explain many things to your readers. In order to make your writing interesting, you have to explain your points in an interesting way. Don’t make it boring. For instance, you can use story. You can tell story to your readers and let them learn and understand your points from your story. You can either create a totally fictional story or you can relate it with your own life story. Whatever method you choose, make sure to explain your points in an interesting way.

3. Have some enthusiasm when you write

When you are enthusiastic in your writing, your readers will feel it. Just examine some popular blogs out there. Why do you like to read one post over others? Isn’t it because of the passion that the blogger puts into the post? Think about it. Your enthusiasm is contagious, so is your boredom. When you are bored while writing your blog post, it will be apparent when your audience read it. That’s why in order to keep your blog post lively, you have to write with enthusiasm. When you write with enthusiasm, it will move your readers to take action.

4. Make your content like personal conversation with your readers

Again, don’t write your blog post as if you’re writing to a wall. It doesn’t work. You have to regard your writing as a two-way communication with your readers. Your blog readers need to feel the conversation when they read your blog post. You don’t want to make them feel your writing as monotonous. In other words, you have to use the word “you” often. You should also ask question often in your blog post.

5. Allow your readers to communicate with you

The last thing that you should do to make your blog more persuasive is to allow your readers to communicate with you. Of course, you will let them communicate through the blog comments. It is important for you to ask your readers to share their thoughts about the blog post that you write. That’s why you have to put this call to action in the end of your blog post–let your readers to comment on your post.

Those are 5 tips you can apply in your blog in order to make it more persuasive for your readers. You see, without having to learn a lot about copywriting, you can still make your blog persuasive and interesting to read.

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