How to Create Optimized Flash Website for Your Company

Flash website design is a good way to give professional presentation for your company on the web. However, you will risk not getting indexed by the search engines if you use flash design for your company website. Here are 7 tips to create optimized flash website for your company:

1. Flash version and HTML version

It is better for you to incorporate two versions of your website inside the same URL. The first version will be the flash version, where people can see an interactive presentation of your company. The second version will be the HTML version or the SEO part of your website. By incorporating HTML version in your flash website, you will let search engines to index your website without trouble.

2. Let your visitors to skip your flash intro

Most flash websites will make use of flash intro which functions similarly like doorway page or landing page. Sometimes, flash intro can take some time to load. So, it is a good idea to let your visitors to skip your flash intro and switch to the HTML version of your website. It will help your visitors to get faster access to your website, especially if they’re on slow connection.

3. Use easy navigation

People are tempted to hit back button when they encounter flash website, especially if the flash version seem to be too crowded with images and videos. That is why you need to use easy navigation in your flash website, which will let your visitors to hop from one page to the next page seamlessly. Be as detailed as possible in your navigation. Use drop down list for your main categories.

4. Use animated flash in your header

Animated flash in your header will add more professional touch for your company website. This is especially true if you can make your logo animated as well. However, make the animation as smooth as possible by using fade in and fade out effect. It will prevent your website to look annoying and boring.

5. Keep your flash website simple and clean

It is very important to keep your website simple and clean because a simple and clean design will help to boost your company’s credibility. You might want to add images and videos to your website, but don’t do this excessively. Also, the text should remain short for each page because people don’t like to read long texts in a flash website. It will look weird, anyway. Use HTML version for long texts.

6. Do not create full flash website, unless you have a well-known brand

A full flash website will tend to have very little traffic, unless you already have a well-known brand. Why? That’s because search engines will only see a single file in your website. They can’t read the texts within your flash presentation. That is why you need to accompany your flash website with HTML version to let the search engines to index your website content.

7. Don’t burden your website with big files such as long videos

The loading time of your flash website will affect your visitors’ satisfaction. Sometimes, your visitors may get impatient and choose to close your website before it completely loaded into their browser. That’s why you need to keep the loading time as short as possible. Avoid putting big images and long videos in your flash website.

Those are some tips you can apply to create optimized flash website for your company. When you follow the tips above, you can bring the best presentation for your website and at the same time allow your website to attract organic traffic from the search engines.

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