phpBB MultiSSO – Single Sign On

One login, Many Forums

Lets say you have two different phpBB forums on two different domains like And you want your users to be able to log in to both of them with one single login. But you cant have that – because web technology prevents cross domain cookie sharing, making it impossible for the cookie one domain sets to be read by another, as a security measure.

With phpBB Multi SSO it’s Possible

But now with phpBB Multi SSO, you can have what web technology prevents. phpBB Multi SSO transmits the user & login data from one central domain to other domains, making it possible for your users to log in at any of the domains and get logged into all of them.

How does it work, in detail

What these code modifications do, is to create a single sign on across different, multiple domains for both phpbb and other sites/codes/apps to use.

These modifications use phpbb user tables, sessions, everything.

The transmitting of the data is encrypted, so it is quite safe. If you use SSL certs on your domains, it becomes even better as it is another layer on top of the existing encryption. But even without SSL certs on your domains, its still as safe as it can be.

It sets cookies for each domain through using iframes, which load some connect.php file that is placed on the other remote domains which needs authentication from phpbb. This is how numerous sites like facebook do it. Currently there is no other way of legally setting cookies for different domains than the one that is active. You have to have a page that loads up all the cookie setting codes from remote domains.

However the loading up of authentication page, the remote authenticator pages in their iframes, and the redirection is VERY fast, taking only 1 seconds or 1.5 seconds. just like how you see in facebook etc – or any other site that uses this method.

All files contain extensive comments, and also include configuration variables to change.


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Totally free and open source under GPLv2


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