PHPValley Micro Jobs Script

What is a Micro Jobs Script

A micro jobs script is an entire website application that allows you to run a website service where users trade micro jobs. Numerous famous websites where small jobs/tasks like $5, $10 are traded are such services. Users on these websites post jobs they would like to perform for others, and buy the jobs other users post. The service operator gets a cut percentage of all jobs that are sold, after which the job owner is paid.

Is it difficult to run a Micro Jobs Website

With a full fledged, full featured Micro Jobs Script like this one, no. Once installed, the script creates a website complete with easy management and administration features for the site operator, ranging from job and user management sections to ready-to-go payment gateways like PayPal.

Is it worth running

Just like in every other field on internet, there is a lot of competition in Micro Jobs services too. However, with a well-designed Business plan and a focused niche, it is possible to run a progressing micro jobs service.

Can i install it myself

Surely you can. It requires minimum FTP, web hosting and domain name knowledge. Even beginners can do it. However, if you don’t even know that much, or you would like to spend your time elsewhere instead, you can order installation service while downloading your script. Then, we take care of the installation.

Can't wait ?
Quick links are below :

Download User Demo

Admin Demo Support

phpvalley micro jobs script screenshot


  • Totally free and open source under GPLv2 License !
  • EXTREMELY easy even for PHP beginners to modify !
  • All you need to do is to register at PHPValley to get your copy !
  • Multiple price option: Choose whatever price range you want.
  • Multi Lingual: Add and remove languages from the admin panel.
  • Autotweet: Choose to have new jobs posted straight to your twitter account.
  • Facebook login.
  • Twitter login.
  • Feedback ratings.
  • Plenty of social network buttons and bookmarking options.
  • The script also has its own internal message system with attatchment support so users can exchange details without having to reveal their email address to anyone.

  • Dynamic page titles.
  • Search Engine friendly urls etc.
  • Approve/reject jobs,choose how much to charge for jobs (One price for all jobs).
  • Choose how much fee to charge based on a percentage of the cost of a job.
  • Turn on/off google ads.
  • Confirm payments (jobs cant be accepted by the seller untill the payment is confirmed by admin).
  • Choose a minimum payment threshhold and much more…
  • Also includes a full web based installer, no config files to manually edit and instructions for the facebook setup are included
  • Script currently does NOT support greek or right to left languages i:e Arabic.


  • PHP 5
  • cURL enabled
  • 1 MySQL database
  • mod_rewrite enabled
  • Linux OS with Apache

Please note: This does not work on hosting due to .htaccess configuration. In all other hosting services it should work perfectly.


Download now

Totally free and open source under GPLv2

User demo

Front End Demo

Username: demo_user
Password: demo_user

All user functions work normaly in user demo – you can sign up, login and use

Admin demo

Admin Demo

Username: admin
Password: admin

*All edit functions are disabled in the admin demo for security purposes.

Get support

Community Support

Free support is provided in Forum. Paid support available.

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