Alternative traffic sources to Google Search

After learning why you should forget Google search traffic, you will naturally wonder about what alternative traffic sources there are to get traffic to your site/business. Actually there are a lot of alternatives. Let’s have a look, and keep it...
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5 Types of Banner Ads that Will Attract Your Blog Visitors to Click

When you put banner ads in your blog, people will either be attracted to it or not. If your banner is interesting enough, you might have good CTR and your banner might be responsible for the sales of your affiliate product. But, if you have uninteresting...
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5 Principles of SEO Web Design that Will Boost Your Website Ranking

Do you know that your website design can affect your search engine ranking? If you adjust your website design for SEO, you will have better chance to achieve high ranking in the search engines. Many websites can’t achieve high ranking because their...
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